What is Farmopathy?

It’s just a little word I made up to describe my philosophy as a health coach, but it has a big definition.

Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

I also believe when you know your farmer, you know your food.  Local sustainable agriculture is something I’m proud to support because quality really does matter.  It’s a picture quickly disappearing from the American landscape, but we can all play a part in bringing it back.  We just have to vote with our forks, and that is a powerful vote.

So, the point to all this is:  Food can be a very powerful medicine.  It can heal you and give you energy you never knew you had.  Yes, FOOD can do this. Food can also bring you down, if it’s not the proper fuel for you.  It can be an addictive, life sucking force.

So what is food, really?  Sometimes it’s hard to navigate the nutritional landscape.  We were born with our own intuition, but modern society quickly takes that away from us with its artificial flavors and colors. We are fed so much misinformation with nutrition journalism, packaging and advertising it’s hard to know what is really food anymore.  Should we really have to count calories? Eat protein powders?  What is the best quality?  What’s in season?  How do I choose what’s best for my family?  What will make them thrive?

My goal, as your health coach, is to help you answer these questions and more for yourself.  Deep down, we all know how to heal ourselves.  We have a sense of sight, taste, touch and smell for a reason. Most of us really don’t know what’s in season or local, but what we don’t realize is there are many reasons for seasons.  Just as the foods of summer have a cooling and energizing effect for the long hot summer days, winter foods keep us warm.  The greens in spring arrive just in time to detoxify us.  If we only pay attention, nature provides for us exactly what we need, when we need it.

But it’s not all about the food you eat. Most importantly, our lives should be fulfilling and meaningful.  Are your relationships supporting and fueling you?  or do some suck the the ever loving life out of you?  Do you love your career?  Or do you find yourself binging on ice cream or cookies when you get home?  Have you found a sport or activity that suits both your mind and your body?  Are you feeding your spirit?

Ultimately, life should be lived to it’s fullest.  I try to coach my clients to do just that:  Live a BIG life.  Find what fuels you so you can power through your day and not just live it, but bound through it with passion and energy.  It’s a little thing I call “Farmopathy”.

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I am a wife and mother.  A lucky mother to a wonderful little boy named Jack.  As I began raising my son, my family’s health became my top priority.  I’ve always loved to cook, so I started to learn to cook healthier meals for them.  I also started to read books on health and developed an insatiable desire to learn more about health and healing with whole foods.  As I read through various dietary theories, I began to get confused because some were vastly different.  They could all be proven to work, but for whom?  Everyone?  About this time, I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I enrolled and I’ll admit, I became even more confused, but that’s what this school does.  They present dietary theories in a way that teaches you to think for yourself.  IIN trained me to “figure myself out”.  I was able to experiment with different foods to see which ones gave me the most energy.  I also explored other areas of my life and focused on those that brought me joy, energy, support.  I continue to learn and will use the tactics and knowledge I’ve gained to work with my clients.